Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off to Fiji!

Steve, Hannah, and Rachel left this evening for Fiji. Steve will be leading a couple of teams there from New Zealand for the organization that he worked for until our wedding since they have not been able to replace him yet. The girls will be visiting old friends for the first week and then will join the 2nd team for the two weeks following. They will all return home on July 20th.

Aaron, Adam and myself will be home trying not to miss them too much! It seems a bit soon to break up our new family (there have been a number of tears shed tonight!) but we knew that this is something that Steve needed to do beforehand and we are very grateful for the time that we have had together already. The organization will also send him to Fiji in September for a few weeks.

We think that this is a really important trip for Hannah and Rachel to reconnect with and 'get closure' to their former lives there as well. Plus they will get the experience of an outreach since they were too young when we lived there. They will join in with Steve on outreaches to schools, prisons, etc, in Suva as well as travel to villages in the interior where they will continue to minister. They will even get to spend a couple of nights in our house in Suva with the 'M' ladies currently living there.

Please remember their time there!

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