Friday, January 29, 2010


I don't know enough language yet to understand an entire conversation, but I can pick up words and phrases in a crowd. The other day I was in a waiting room full of people and I noticed one word spoken over and over. If I understood the conversations going on around me I would have never noticed! The word was 'kalke' (tomorrow).

It made me wonder how much time we spend thinking, planning, and worrying for tomorrow? How many times does that word cross my lips in a day?

I read in Eccles. this morning about the Sovereign One and of how it's meaningless to worry about tomorrow because it's in His hands. Great wisdom written thousands of years ago. You think we'd have that learned by now today. But I guess there's "nothing new under the sun!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Annual Picnic

The annual company picnic was last week. Four big buses took all of the staff an hour and a half away to some picnic grounds. For some of the newer women that would be the farthest they've ever been away from home! The ladies had a blast even on the way out as the music was blaring and they were dancing in the aisle. Disco bus! After we arrived food was served and the women loved riding a few children's rides that were there and enjoying the surrounding garden. It was a great day!

We have to be careful about posting close-up shots of the women to protect their privacy but the distant shot of part of the group is OK. As I was skimming through my pictures of the day I noticed that the one of Adam in the midst of a small group was well done in that it doesn't show faces as well. This is a pretty common scene with Adam. He's the darling of everyone. He constantly gets stopped on the street, too, and he's learning to be very patient even when he's tired of being fawned over!

Temporary Housing

We've been living in our temporary quarters for a week now and have all of the kinks worked out. The whole place needs to be remodeled, rewired, and re-plummed before it will eventually be used for factory space. So right now we have wires (took me several days to figure them all out!) running everywhere for electricity and hoses for water. We have two big rooms, a hallway that we've turned into the kitchen that leads to the cement shower and toilet. I'd call the effect 'rustic retro.' In fact, Steve and my room has one whole wall that the plaster has come off of down to bricks, kind of like a New York loft! Once I got into the groove of cleaning what I can and not worrying about the rest we've quite enjoyed living here. The kids just have to slip across the alley to the main FS building to play in the backyard and we actually have more square footage than we did in the flat we stayed in at first.
We have to look outside the window in the morning and evening to the scene in the courtyard. There's a water tap there that the current tenants use for their needs. When the tap is running we plug in the water pump that gets water into the tanks up on the roof so we have water all day long.
We're expecting to be here for a while. Steady progress is being made on our permanent space (in the courtyard picture you can see immediately to the right on the same storey that the picture was taken what will be our eventual front door!) but it will take some time.
The new T-shirt unit is right over our heads and we've been enjoying visits from the ladies as they go up and down the stairs outside our door all day! On the first day when I was struggling a bit with the dirt, they kept popping in and telling me how beautiful it was. To their eyes it is so I chose to change my attitude to contentment as well. Perspective can be a beautiful thing!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Floor Day

We have a floor in one of the empty holes that will be our permanent home here! This room will eventually be our bathroom and laundry room. First the cement was mixed by hand in the courtyard, hauled bucket load by bucket load up a bamboo ladder in assembly line fashion, and then spread to make the floor. The guys who helped were exhausted! The next floor to be done later is just above this one----but a whole storey higher!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Before we moved here we decided to start a youth group for our own kids and the children of other workers in our area. A week ago while all of the kids were on winter break we organized a couple of days of fun stuff for everyone followed by a meeting on Saturday night. They are a great bunch of kids and we've really enjoyed getting to know them! Only 7 of the 13 are around normally since the others attend boarding school when they're not on break, but we'll continue with whoever is here.