Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Growing Up

We are in New Zealand now and have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with Steve's family.  So nice to see this beautiful place again!  

The morning before we left our home Hannah led the morning devos. at FS with nearly 200 staff members listening in while Annie translated. Hannah did an absolutely fantastic job!  Not only was her message perfectly timed for the season, her message of hope was one that everyone at FS needed to hear.   As she spoke and as Annie led everyone in 'thinking' about her at the end, I couldn't help but cry.  I'm sad that it's time for her to leave home but I was also overwhelmed by gratitude to Him for her life and for the ways that He is looking after her.  I couldn't believe that the confident, compassionate speaker up there was only 18.  A current volunteer sitting next to me who is a bit older than that leaned over and asked, "Did you write that for her?"  I did not!

It was a gift of encouragment to her parents that reminded us that our girl is ready to fly and that she's meant to be on the path that she's on.  

We'll be in NZ until the end of Jan. and then will leave her behind to study.

                              Hannah speaking to the women.