Sunday, October 25, 2009


We're still in New Zealand! Our visa didn't come through in time to leave last Friday. It's been a bit of a challenging time as we've been readjusting our expectations and unpacking again, but we're trusting Him for His perfect plan and timing.

I've been reminded of last year when we went to Carlsbad Caverns in the US and saw an evening bat flight. As thousands of bats left the cave entrance at dusk a ranger told us lots about them. One thing that amazed me was that when a bat is born it naturally clings to the rock at the top of the cave. If it lets go and falls it will die, but they very seldom do. That's because when they're clinging to the rock that's when they're actually at rest.

We're clinging to our Rock as we wait!

We will wait until the middle of the coming week and call and inquire about our visas. If there's been no progress we'll withdraw this application and resubmit one for one year instead of five since that application may go through faster. We've changed our flights to leave on November 19th and are asking that the visas come through before then!

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