Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extra Time in NZ

We've really enjoyed the extra time in New Zealand! It's a lovely time of the year here. Steve and the boys got up at 5am and have been out fishing for the last several hours in a borrowed boat. They must be catching something or they'd be back by now! There have been a number of different ways we've been able to just play a bit in the last couple of weeks. Nice, and I think we needed the time more than we realized.

But since we leave a week from today I suppose it's time I think about getting ready to go again! It shouldn't be too hard this time as I've finished sorting and had packed already once before. Practice makes perfect!
Photos: Yesterday some youth from Beachlands/Carey came up to hang out for the afternoon at the beach. (Hannah and Rachel are in group shot) The water is still pretty cold, however, so after a bit of body surfing Adam had his most fun 'surfing' down a sand bank over and over!

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