Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Annual Picnic

The annual company picnic was last week. Four big buses took all of the staff an hour and a half away to some picnic grounds. For some of the newer women that would be the farthest they've ever been away from home! The ladies had a blast even on the way out as the music was blaring and they were dancing in the aisle. Disco bus! After we arrived food was served and the women loved riding a few children's rides that were there and enjoying the surrounding garden. It was a great day!

We have to be careful about posting close-up shots of the women to protect their privacy but the distant shot of part of the group is OK. As I was skimming through my pictures of the day I noticed that the one of Adam in the midst of a small group was well done in that it doesn't show faces as well. This is a pretty common scene with Adam. He's the darling of everyone. He constantly gets stopped on the street, too, and he's learning to be very patient even when he's tired of being fawned over!

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