Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We've Moved!!!

We're in our new home and loving it! A couple of weeks back we thought it might still be a month or so away, but the whole family and a few friends pitched in and got things finished!

We figured out that over a hundred people have labored over this place in the last 8 months to get it done. A huge 'thanks' to all of them!!! Many names and faces come to mind as we look around the walls. What a neat journey it's been to get to know so many fantastic people in the process.

The guy who's the boss of FS communications and does all of the video work did a walk through for us the other day with his camera. When he gets it finished we'll put a link up on You Tube so everyone can see what it looks like. If that's not done soon we'll post a few pics, but since the rooms aren't huge the video will be a better way to see what it's like.

We moved in on Saturday and on Monday doorways were widened to move the cutting tables from T-shirts into the large rooms that were our bedrooms previously. The rooms will eventually be renovated for about 16 sewing machines (and 16 women!) each, but the room where Cutting is currently is leaking when it rains so.......!

Enjoying our new home and smiling!

Here's the link to the video now:

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