Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beautiful Flowers

As I was working at my computer a few minutes ago I was bothered by a subtle, but consistent bad smell. Bad smells float in my window often but this one didn't go away. I checked the rubbish bin/garbage can and while it needs to be emptied, nope, it's not that. Thankfully it's not the refrigerator either. I finally realized that it's the flowers on my counter.

People have been so sweet to the other kids and me since Steve took Aaron to boarding school for the first time several days ago; sending messages, texting, having us over. My lovely Irish friend, Emma, brought me a beautiful bouquet of bright pink zinnias (possibly) and white carnations. I didn't have a vase, so I put them on the counter in a plastic jar that used to hold muesli. That bouquet has made me smile every time I look at it. Something new and fresh and beautiful. (I should have taken a photo!)

But now it's starting to die. It's still pretty but some flowers are drooping. Now that I've discovered the source of the stench in the room, I'm pretty sure their days of glory are short lived! Why? Well, of course there are seasons in life and flowers don't last forever. I can also philosophically ponder the thought that if their beauty were always there would I appreciate it later? But the thing I'm thinking about now is how while those flowers were plucked for a purpose, they were disconnected from their life source. Water has deceptively kept them from wilting for a while, but they are no longer connected to stem, roots, and soil; their life.

How's my Connection today? Am I in a place where I'm looking good but it may not last? Am I wilting? Or am I firmly connected to the Stem? Like a newborn baby am I focused on drinking deeply of the Life offered, or am I just sipping water and hoping for the best?

I don't want to survive, I want to thrive!

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