Sunday, December 18, 2011


I have a slightly strange confession to make:  I am not all that bothered by rats anymore!  We coexist pretty peacefully and have a 'don't bother me and I won't bother you' relationship.  We currently don't have any in our house, but they run past me other places at least several times each day.  They're just part of the scenery.

It's interesting what you can become desensitized to.  Years ago I spent about 5 weeks in China.  At least in those days the TV there was very censored and the programs were really, really tame.  I remember getting off an overnight ferry back into Hong Kong and watching a movie screen on the dock while I waited for my next transport.  I felt strangely ill at the violence on the screen after not seeing anything like it for a while!

We go to New Zealand in 2 days to see family and friends after 2 years away and to settle Hannah in to start college.  I wonder if I'll have to get used to rats again or not upon my return?!

As a rat ran right past my foot the other night in our courtyard and I didn't even cringe, I wondered what other kinds of things I'm used to in my life now?  The obvious ones are lots of people, being stared at, dirt, noise, dangerous traffic, a different language, etc., but what kind of things have I become accustomed to that I shouldn't?  Are there ways my heart has become hard?  Am I proud, selfish, easily angered?

It's always good to stop now and than and consider these things..........

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