Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's been a while since I've given just a general update so thought I'd post a few things that are going on.  First of all, as of yesterday we now have two high school graduates in the family. Yay! Congratulations, Rachel!  And Hannah has finished her first year at Univ. and is very much enjoying herself learning and working hard at her internship.  I've gotten to hear her speak several times lately.  She does a great job---and that's not just because I'm biased!

Adam turns 10 on Monday and there will be no single digit kids left in the family.....

Steve has been back working where we usually live for the past several weeks.  He's loving it!  He will come back to NZ in three more weeks and bring Aaron for Christmas as well.  For various reasons, one being taking the time for me to get back to full health before I go back to the Third World, I will stay in NZ for the next year.  I have to be here for the second half to complete the time for residency anyway, and we think it unwise that I go back at the end of January yet as was the original plan.  Steve will go back for around three months at the end of Jan., however.

In light of that we've also decided that Aaron will stay in NZ with us for the coming year as well.  He's had a rough last term at boarding school and is excited that he'll get to be with us this year!

Aaron and one of his favorite teachers