Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some things worth the time.......

Stayed home from church today with a sick boy (Steve's still overseas for a couple more weeks).  I'm also pinned to the chair by the neighbor's cat that's asleep on my lap.  Well, I know I could knock the cat off but I don't want to, OK?!

I've seen and heard an unusual number of things worth taking the time to look at this week and thought I'd pass them along while I have this unexpected time:

Encouraging story in the midst of bad!  Love it when stories where people give God glory make the mainstream media:

I've only seen a Facebook link to this so not sure if non-FB people can view.  But please try (ladies!) because it's worth it!  How HE sees us and who we are in Him:

The song I can't stop singing right now:

We need to cherish the good men and do our best to raise more of them:

And this is especially WHY.  Sobering, disturbing, but so glad that people are waking up and taking it seriously:

Now something to refresh you after that last read.  Yes, we need Him.  And so does the world around us.  He is Purity, Peace, and Deep Satisfying Joy:

And while I'm at it, here's another declaration!  A bit of final joy:

Now I'm getting cuddles from the sick boy.  Much better than the cat!