Friday, May 9, 2014

Lost Girls

This wasn't meant to be a poem, just kind of accidentally rhymed in places.  So please don't read looking for meter or rhyming schemes!

Today I wore my African beads, paper beads.  Made by women in hungry need.  They didn't really match the things that I wore and I really didn't really care.

African beads, paper beads.  Girls now in the news, but they're always in need.  And I wear my beads to remind me to pray.  Pray for lost girls everywhere.

The stolen, the forgotten, the hopeless in shame.  So glad someone made a list of their names (Nigeria's kidnapped girls).

They have a name.

They ALL have a name.  Lost girls everywhere.

African beads, paper beads.  Disposable things made into something that lasts.  Something made beautiful and changed from the past, made by women who want something more.  For themselves, for their families, for their neighbors next door.

And no matter what the despots say, not one life's meant to be thrown away.

African beads, paper beads.  Stealing a whole group of girls?  Nothing new.  Read Roman history from school; Romulus, Romans and the Sabine women.

Humanity's not changed.  Quite a shame but we're still the same.

African beads, paper beads.  There are lots on my necklace.  Two hundred maybe?  Maybe one for each stolen African girl?  I count them a bit, but only ninety-six.  They look like there would be much more.

What does a group of over two-hundred girls look like anyway?  Wow, what a mob to force away from their school.

Two-hundred, I've seen that amount before.  Two-hundred enslaved women freed.  I've sat with them, talked with them, ate with them, held hands, laughed and cried with them.  Not from a 'safe' distance, but right in their world.

What 200 or so women look like.......
FS women 2012 (Steve and I are in there somewhere!)
Beautiful African beads, paper beads.  We're appalled that they're stolen.  With so many more lost girls in the world, I'm glad that they finally got some attention.

So listen.  Really listen.  Remember it happens.  Far too often it happens.  Remember it happens and remember they're real.

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