Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Note to self today......

Why is it so hard to fall to my knees
When I'm overwhelmed, tired, and don't know where to go?
Well, I do know where, it's to Him
But somehow while I feel His presence I'm only scratching the surface
I reach out with grasping fingers but miss the fullness of His hand

I want to dive right in, the water is fine
I know He's there yet my bent knees won't take that final spring
They won't dive into the water and they won't kneel in prayer
Distracted, restless, still trying to do it on my own
Or maybe just too tired to move at all

Why is it so hard to fall to my knees
When I long for Him, ache for Him, need His strength in my limbs?
Need Him so much that I cannot even kneel on my own
Need Him to draw me in, I want to bow
Bow in His presence, rest in His glory

Anxiety, really the art of disbelief
Distracted, restless, not fully living
Puffs up the 'self', makes me think I'm 'doing something'
What a waste of time, keeping me at half mast
You'd think I would have learned this by now

Why is it so hard to fall to my knees
When His hands are there to catch my fall?
When the very essence of love is etched in His smile?
When His tender compassion envelopes me fully?
When His all-powerful, all-knowing Self is absolutely trustworthy?

Silly, stubborn, wayward girl
Get on your knees
Just fall

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