Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our fun weekend:

We were blessed this week to have our dear friends Sammy and Tammie from Midland, TX, come through for a visit! It was great catching up with them, showing them around town, and introducing them to some Fijian and S.E. Asian foods. Tammie's such a great chef that we knew that anything we could cook that was 'American', wouldn't be better than what she could fix for herself!

Steve, Heather, Aaron, and Adam spent Sunday afternoon at the racetrack attending a NASCAR competition that included all of the top drivers in the sport. Steve commented that he was glad that that wasn't the kind of racing that he had done (just going around and around the track 312 times seemed a bit boring to him!) but we had a great time together, enjoyed the amazing skill of the drivers, and had several interesting crashes happen right in front of where we were seated much to the boys' delight especially since all of the drivers walked away from the crashes! It was a very special blessing because Steve had quietly looked online a while back at tickets and decided that they were far too pricey for our tight budget. Last week at our cell group, however, a friend who had no idea of our interest handed us 4 tickets to the finals that he had received from his office. Our Father is good at blessing his kids!

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