Sunday, November 23, 2008

Travels, Work, & Harley

Hello! Steve's in Fiji right now. The team he's currently leading is a group of about 20 photographers who are in Fiji being taught by a professional photographer how use their skills to promote 'M". Steve's enjoying the change of pace with this team. He gets home tomorrow night.

The kids and I had a busy weekend here. Our neighbor across the street is a single mom in a wheelchair with a spinal injury. I've longed to find a way to help her substantially since we met. I haven't had the resources beyond the occasional helping hand and listening ear, however.

Steve and I were asked a while back to organize service opportunities for people living in our part of town on behalf of our local body, so this Saturday we finally got to do something for our neighbor! It was a great day of getting members in the area to join together and show the our Father's love to her. We had a good group show up who did all kinds of yard work, deep cleaning on the inside, organizing her garage, etc. There's even a mechanic who's offered to do some badly needed work on her car for free if we raise funds for the parts. It was a great time of fellowship as well! I was pleased to see potential new friendships start for her. It will be nice to know that there are others in the area ready to help her after we go.

I also think that it's about time to show the progress on Steve's 1942 military Harley. Some have teased that it's the 'other woman' but Steve's good about not letting himself get TOO obsessed with the project! Plus, there have been two little boys out there trying to 'help' most of the time. Cute for me to watch and great for the boys! Probably not always easy for Steve (!), but he's been very patient to embrace it as bonding experience with them.

The bike's been totally stripped down into many parts, missing parts found on Ebay, sanded, repainted, etc. The main body is now mostly finished and Steve's moved on to the engine. And I'm sure he could explain this all WAY better than I can. He's having a ball!

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