Friday, January 16, 2009

Last weekend a friend came by unexpectedly saying that he had a vehicle we could use until we left. Just that afternoon we had been discussing when to strategically put our van on the market so it would sell before we left, but allowing us to drive it as long as possible so we wouldn't have to rent a car. We put our van on Craig's List on Tuesday, a man called later that evening, came to look at it on Wednesday and said he wanted it. Thursday he brought us the money and we gave him title! How simple was that!

When the van was given to us when the kids and I had newly arrived in the States it was like a big hug from our Father, a reassurance that he indeed cared for us and would provide. It was several months from that point when we finally moved into our own house and since we had just left everything familiar to us we used to joke that the van was our 'home in America!' This week the way the van sold felt like a reassurance also, that we are on the right track and that He is blessing us. We also know that the prayers of many are going before us as well!

Steve has been working very hard to try to get the Harley finished. He's encountered many obstacles in the form of finding the parts necessary to get the bike running and parts not arriving after he's ordered them. Earlier this week he decided that he'd given it a good go but that he just didn't have quite enough time to finish it AND get it sold before we leave. He put it on Ebay and within hours he already had a bid on it for more money than he's put into it! He's had numerous questions from others about it as well so we're hoping it will go for a decent price at the end of the auction. Another blessing!

We've had other little blessings along the way of time with friends and family. Things are moving along well for our departure. Terry's folks arrive on Friday to spend a bit of time with us before we go.

We leave in a little over two weeks................!

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