Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Phoenix Prostitution

Steve and I had the opportunity to attend a meeting today about forced prostitution (they called it 'rape for profit') of teenagers here in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our fellowship here is partnering with other groups in the area to work to stop this unthinkable trade that is so prolific in the area, as well as to minister to the young girls who are the victims. Very disturbing stuff that it would be much more comfortable to ignore.

It stirred our hearts especially since these are exactly the sort of girls that we are being sent to minister to. I think it gave me just the motivation I need to finish up our packing to get ready to go!

We sat at a table with a couple of men who have started something called Chosen List is a 'clean' alternative to Craig's List. We were horrified to learn that around 50% of the business done over Craig's List is prostitution and pornography based! You can actually solicit a teenager over Craig's List.

We are enjoying a visit from Terry's folks this week! We still have heaps to get done but we think are on target to get it all finished before we fly out on Monday afternoon.

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