Monday, February 16, 2009

We have had a very memorable first week and ½ in New Zealand! It’s been a whirlwind of activity that I know we’ll look back on as very precious in the future. It’s been wonderful to finally meet Steve’s family. We’ve had a number of his close friends come up from Auckland for meals this past week, too, and have enjoyed fellowshipping, hiking, fishing, etc, with them as well.

Steve’s sister and her husband are very generously letting us stay in their batch/cabin. It’s obvious why this area is popular for holidays since there are numerous beaches around, quaint villages to explore, and trails to hike. The weather has been amazing since our arrival, too, and we have spent a lot of time outdoors.

Heather’s been homeschooling the kids and Steve’s been busy organizing things for our time here. We have quite a few places lined up already to share about our future with. The trick is going to be not to over commit ourselves! We have also heard of a retired couple just up the road who speak the language we need to learn and might be willing to teach us, so we wouldn’t have to drive to Auckland (an hour away) for lessons.

Hannah has been studying the road code/driver’s manual here in hopes of getting her driver’s license before we move, not for there but just towards the future. It’s been very cute to have her reminding us how exactly to handle the intersections here, etc. Cute for Steve, but actually helpful for Heather who is trying to learn the different driving rules anyway!

We have been overwhelmed by the hospitality offered to us since our arrival!
For example:
-The amazing corner of Creation we are staying in complete with a veggie garden already planted by Steve’s sister and her husband
-Thoughtful things like meal ideas, spices, books, and caterpillars to hatch from Steve’s niece
-Welcoming us to the area by inviting us to dinner a couple of times already, inviting our kids to fun things, even a party on Saturday night for teenage girls to meet our girls (even though what she has is teenage boys) by a wonderful lady who lives up the road that Steve grew up with.
-And more!

Heather and the kids look forward to meeting many more Kiwi friends!

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