Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We had a fantastic weekend down in Beachlands where Steve has lived a good part of his life. It was great to see places and meet people who have been important to him for years and years. It felt like a 'his past connecting with our present' experience. Very nice to fill in some gaps! We all stayed in the little batch where he has lived for the past few years. Good experience since it was probably still larger than our living space in S.E. Asia will be! And we won't have the AMAZING view that he has (should have taken a picture) there.

We spoke at the service there on Sunday and had a wonderful time of fellowship at a potluck afterwards. The girls enjoyed attending their youth that evening before we headed back north.

(Rachel turned 14 on Friday!)

The kids up a tree with Steve's long time friend Sean (and now the kids firm 'Uncle Sean').

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