Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

The factory closed early yesterday for the annual Christmas party. It was a fun time of cha (tea) cake, and items from various people. Some of us sang songs in English and some in the local language. There was a very cute First Christmas play by some of the staff and gifts of new saris given to all of the women.

But the highlight of the evening was a gorgeous 8 year-old girl who sang like an angel in both English and the local one. She's the daughter of one of the original staff who died of AIDS last year. Her life is a beautiful example of the love and support that the staff women give to each other. A couple of older women stepped in as 'grandmas' when her mother died and treat her like their own. She goes to boarding school but spends time with her grandmas while on breaks.

One of the grandmas lost her husband a couple of months ago and is still heavily grieving. She's an amazing woman and it's been hard to watch the pain in her eyes. We're hoping that time with this sweet girl who's also suffered loss will bring her healing as well.

After the party everyone was sent home with boxes of curry for their dinner. The highlight for our kids was getting to hand out the leftover parcels at the end to people living on the streets in the area as well as to some women standing in line waiting for 'customers.'

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