Friday, December 11, 2009

We haven't taken too many pictures so far. Here are a couple we snapped today, though. The first one is of the main road that the business is off of. It's earlier in the morning so the street is actually very empty! The next one is of the side road that leads to the factory. If you follow the road and then veer left you walk right between the two buildings that make up the business.

Notice the bamboo stacked around. This area that leads back to the red light lanes is for people who handle the dead. The men here make amazingly elaborate paper mache animals, scenes, etc, that are burned with bodies while they're floated out on rafts onto the 'sacred' river. We haven't been back to the burning sites yet but they are within walking distance. The people who live and work in this area are considered 'untouchables,' just like the women who work the lanes beyond, because of their proximity to the dead.

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