Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Ants

Ants have been invading our kitchen and bathroom for the last few weeks. We're pretty used to ants since they found their way inside year round in Fiji, but they seem to be seasonal here.

The problem with them is this: they look like the ants in Fiji, they act like the ants in Fiji, but the normal drone ants in Fiji don't BITE! Some of the ants here are typical black ants that can be swiped away with your hand harmlessly but others..........well, it's not a pleasant experience for your skin to come in contact with them! Stinging pain and welts for a couple of days to remind you of the experience. And drying yourself after a shower only to find that there were these sorts of ants on your towel? Not fun! (Ask me how I know!)

Now I have to be honest that the biting ants are a tiny bit different on close inspection. Their heads are just slightly red but they still look like black ants for the most part. My eyes are 'past 40' so I can't be absolutely sure, but the kids agree that they don't look like typical fire ants.

What teeny, tiny little things do we allow to creep into our lives that look harmless at first but then turn around and bite us? They're not always easy to see clearly in a world where things appear to be shades of gray.

Incidents of major moral failure, for example, don't happen overnight. They start with a second glance at something the eyes should avoid, unchecked thoughts, not following our brother Joseph's example and fleeing the scene of a temptation. Like little ants.....

What should we do with the little ants in our lives whatever they happen to be?
Get rid of it and don't get bit!!! It's not worth it.

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