Saturday, May 1, 2010


There is always talk of threatening groups targeting different areas in the country. Right now the rumored potential target is our city. We've been getting emails from embassies, etc, saying to be careful in places where foreigners frequent. We only occasionally go to those places anyway and when we do we keep our eyes open. Very seldom does something actually happen, but these groups enjoy the control that terror brings.

Yesterday I dropped the girls off at their friend's apartment next to a big shopping mall. (It always amazes me at how entirely possible and tempting it would be to live life here without really seeing how the majority of the city lives--but that's a different topic!)

Security was quite tight at the mall. There were guards visible on every floor with one even looking down and walking the perimeter of the glass roof. It was nice to see that they were taking the threats seriously and were doing their best to protect the shoppers.

It made me remember that the BEST security in our lives is that which is Unseen. How even when we feel totally alone in the face of a threat that there is a He*venly Host guided by an an omnipotent Father available to guard and protect us.

Just like it was nice to see extra guards at the mall doing their best for the masses, isn't it gracious that our unseen Guard gives us encouragement in dangerous times as well? I would like to always be satisfied with just the knowledge of the Invisible, but many times when I've needed it He's given me tangible comfort; a person to lean on, an email or call saying someone had been 'thinking' of me, or even just an unexplainable sense of peace.

Recently, I heard a woman tell how she was in a foreign land during a time of turmoil and waiting alone in a less than 'secure' airport. A dog ran up, sat down beside her and stayed! She eventually had to leave her 'guard' to go through Customs, but the creature found her on the other side and sat with her until she boarded the plane. She is convinced that that tangible presence was sent by the He*venly one to remind her that she was never out of His care.

Isn't it good to know that we are ALWAYS in His hands?

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