Sunday, October 17, 2010


The last few days have been the equivalent of Christmas in this part of the world. And a new experience for us! Hundreds or maybe even thousands of temporary structures have gone up around the city. Some are amazingly elaborate! Their purpose is to 'house' the deities expected to come and possess the idols that are placed inside for this period of time. Now that it's over and the g0ds have 'left', all of the idols around the city are being taken down a street near us to the river are are being burned.

Systematic chants and 'worship' music poured into our windows over the weekend through loudspeakers outside as well.

It's everyone's favorite season of the year with many parties, gifts given, etc. It's also a time that people in our part of town have actually gone hungry to prepare for as everyone, rich or poor, has been expected to contribute to the erecting of the shrines. Important to them, but from the outside looking in it's a huge annual financial burden for this city filled with poverty to bear.

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