Thursday, November 4, 2010

Metro Musings

I spend a lot of time on the Metro. Since Steve is sick this week and I'm doing all of the school runs, between that and language class I'll spend over 3 hours on the train or waiting in a station today.

On the way to school this morning we got one of the two, brand new, air conditioned trains in the system. Third time this week! They are so much more quiet than the other trains, smoother ride, etc.

On the way back I got an old train, however, and was noticing how much louder and just less luxurious the ride was. It was empty enough that I actually got a seat, however, and I found myself watching the lady sitting directly across from me.

She was young and obviously on her way to work, but she didn't have the usual blank stare or look of stoic endurance that most people have as they ride the rails. Her eyes were shut and even though there were no earphones, her head was gently swaying to an inaudible tune, her face obviously responding to lyrics in her head. One finger and one foot were slowly tapping a beat as well. This lady had music in her heart and all of the outside noise and distractions were not keeping her from enjoying it.

"I have a Song inside as well!" I thought, and spent the rest of the ride putting aside the external things to focus on it. My train mate's song was probably a man made tune from a popular movie, but my Song is one that gives life, strength, joy and peace. Definitely a better use of my time to commune with Him than to blankly endure my ride.

I'll have to make better use of that time in the future as well!

Note: Steve and 2 visitors from NZ were on a train a few weeks back that the first 2 cars derailed on! There had never been an accident on the subway before so it was amazing that they happened to be on THAT train. No one was injured and the whole subway system quickly shut down. They got to walk the rails with hundreds of other passengers to the next station, though.

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