Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

We've just returned from spending Christmas and New Years in Dubai. The plan was to go a bit further by bus to Steve's brother's house for Christmas weekend, but since Rachel was really sick and couldn't make the bus trip, he came to see us instead. And I got to meet his lovely wife for the first time!

We stayed at a large home that is open to foreign 'workers' passing through the area. Enormously cheaper than the hotels there (!) and what a haven it was with a large library of books and videos and other like-minded people passing through to fellowship with. Not to mention mattresses like clouds! And waffles for breakfast.....

We're grateful for the wonderful time of recharge and refreshment after our first 13 months in our new area. We got to do some fun things like see one of the largest aquariums in the world in the largest mall in the world. (Steve's still trying to figure out how they engineered it to withstand the water pressure!) Steve got to do some skiing for his Christmas present in the second biggest mall in the world. The kids got to ice skate and use Christmas money to buy clothes that they needed. We all enjoyed visiting the Global Village where there are sections representing countries all over the world with handicrafts available from each.

We spent New Year's Eve watching the largest world-wide display of fireworks in 2010 being launched off of the tallest building in the world! (Can you tell Dubai likes to have the 'largest' and best of everything?) We left the house at 8:30 pm to be there before 11:00 when the gates were shut around the building. We sat with thousands of others on the grass waiting with their families and friends. At midnight there was a six minute or so firework display----but what an amazing 6 minutes it was!!! Then we spent until nearly 3am trying to get home on public transportation all in a friendly, carnival like atmosphere.

Watching the culture there was fascinating as well! Very unique place. Now we're back where money doesn't grow on trees! Or under the sand...

Heather and kids in front of Birj Khalifa (ie: the tallest building in the world.)

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