Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today is Holi. In our city it's become just a fun day of going into the streets with colored power mixed with water and throwing or spraying it all over each other! Sounds strange, I know, but apparently it's pretty fun. (So they tell me because I haven't done it myself! Neither has Rachel. We are possibly the only truly sane ones in the family!)

The rest of the family has now bathed, but let me tell you it wasn't a vast improvement! They'll work on bettering themselves a bit more tonight, but I anticipate getting helpful comments from random people for the next week of how to get the color off. And our family will probably try them!

The local population looks pretty normal in a few days but fairer skin takes longer. And fairer hair a LOT longer! Hannah loves to 'play Holi' but wore a swimming cap this year. Last year it took about 4 months for the pink and purple to mostly fade!

The crazy crew of foreign people that we work with and short-term volunteers who 'played'. The one bright spot near the front isn't a clean person who jumped in the picture. He somehow ended up metallic silver instead!

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