Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We've had a couple of fun evenings recently with people native to where we live. One night we had a man that works for FS over for dinner. He has lived in this area his whole life and told us between a mixture of his partial English and our partial knowledge of the local language interesting stories about how 20 years ago gangsters used to violently rule the area and how bombs being thrown at people was not uncommon. He said that the best thing that happened to the district was when bombs got expensive and people could no longer afford them!

Last night we went to a 5 year-old's birthday party. Her mother works at FS. A bunch of us crammed into the small room were 5 people live. We sat on their bed, the only piece of furniture, and the floor and were fed yummy food along with talk and laughter. The very surreal part was when we walked down the cramped stairs of the building to the front door. The rest of the building is a brothel. We walked past customers coming out of rooms and past eight women, one that we personally know, sitting on small stools at the door waiting for more men.

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