Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hurt People (from Steve)

One thing I have noticed in life is that there is reciprocation. People that have been hurt by people go on to hurt others.

People are victims of hurt through many different forms; violence, anger and abuse. It can be very subtle and disguised, even just school yard bullying or peer pressure. Society has many forms in which people get hurt.

People deal with these hurts through building up defense systems. For the middle or upper class these defenses systems are easy. We have the money to put security around our houses. We can afford to live in areas of town which isolate us from hurt. Yet the poor cannot afford this. Their life is a battle to defend themselves from hurt people hurting them. People can violate them anytime and there is little they can do about it. So they get hurt and in turn they often breed families that are hurt. And they in turn hurt others.

If we work with poor people we open ourselves to being hurt. When we reach out to those in need it’s going to hurt, yes, it’s going to bite you. It is going to open you up to situations when these hurt people will hurt others, yes even you who show them love and kindness. Because hurt people ….hurt people.

You might be sitting reading this right now and say to yourself, “This is so true,” yet you yourself are a hurt person. We all are! Each one of us is molded and shaped by our past which includes hurt. While we don’t recognize it, we have all built self-defense systems, walls and boundaries to cope with people hurting us. Yet hurt people hurt people. How have we hurt others?

Can we put an end to the reciprocation of hurt? The walls of defense can be brought down by the healing power of Je3us. With Him working in our lives, and with us being submissive to promptings of the Sp1rit, we will start on the journey to stop hurting others. It will take us time. We will need to constantly review who we are and how we react to others to stop the cycle. And no longer will hurt people – hurt people.

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