Sunday, November 27, 2011


Adam loves to play with the little ones in FS's nursery in the late afternoons after their naps. It's not unusual to see him walking around the first floor of the factory with the head of a just awoken, sleepy kid on his shoulder. Especially cute since Adam's only 1/2 the size of an adult himself! Adam also likes to play basketball in the courtyard most days as well.

The other day I walked through and had one of those, "Oh, where is my camera?" moments. But since there was no camera nearby I will have to describe it instead.

Adam was bouncing his basketball in front of the nursery right where the people, which include Adam and Steve, are in the picture on the left above. He was bouncing it between his legs along with other tricks and showing off a bit. Standing up and gripping the inside of the gate to the nursery (the doorway beyond) and watching Adam, were three diaper and T-shirt clad little boys about one year old in a row. They had gorgeous grins from ear to ear and were bouncing together right along with Adam's ball.

It was one of those moments that I was so glad that our children are here and having the life experience that they are. Life in a mental snapshot.

Usually no cameras are allowed in FS, but recently a photographer got special permission to do so. She took some amazing shots including the ones above. There's a fantastic one of Adam holding one of the tiny three musketeers, but for some reason it's the one photo that I can't download from her blog! Oh, well. I'll put a few more of her pictures at the bottom of this post.

I'm not a photographer and I'm not an artist. I don't naturally see hidden visual beauty around me like photographers do. I knew in moving to this city that one of the hardest things for me would be the lack of beauty, particularly natural beauty. I'm a "communing with Him through the beauty that He's made" person. But through photos that I've seen people take of the city at large, I'm now seeing beauty in snapshots all around me that I didn't before. They have taught me a lot about opening my eyes to the beauty within a frame.

It's not hard to find beauty inside of FS in the faces of women. But here are a few faceless beautiful images inside FS as well:

Trimming newly sewn bags.

Mixing paint for screen printing.

Braiding small bits of recycled saris to put on zippers.

Braiding recycled sari handles for bags.

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