Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We just spent four days in Thames with Steve's parents. It was very enjoyable to spend relaxed time with them and get to know them better! And for them to get to know us. We enjoyed seeing some of the sights of their area with them and introduced ourselves for a few minutes in their fellowship on Sunday. Nana and Pops are now thoroughly adopted by the kids now as well.

We stopped at the doctor's office in Beachlands on the way home yesterday. We didn't tell the kids until shortly before the visit because the purpose was shots in preparation for moving to S.E. Asia. Not too long ago Adam would cry if the word 'shot' was even mentioned. When he got his last shot it took 3 nurses to hold him down! We all had to get Typhoid shots so fortunately the other kids all bravely got theirs first (and the nurse was very good with a needle!) and Adam received his without TOO much trauma. Steve and I each needed several injections so while the nurse was giving us those she discovered that Adam actually needed one more. I called him back in from the waiting room and it was over before he could blink! The other kids say that he bravely walked back out and announced that he'd had another shot. Hopefully this good experience will pave the way for better ones to come. The kids are finished for moving for now but I still have more in my near future.

We had our first language lesson this afternoon. Someone who used to work in a country next door to where we're going and lives in our area has graciously agreed to teach us. I was comforted to learn today that the language is a fairly logically arranged a bit like Spanish or Latin. We have a loooooong ways to go, though!

We're spending this evening with the older brother and sister of the kids who our friends will get to know first in the city we're moving to. They are in university in New Zealand now. It will be nice to meet them and have that connection!

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