Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Kids and Living Overseas

As we've traveled in NZ and in communication with people back in the States there's been a repeating theme that keeps coming up: "What about the safety and well being of your children?" It's probably the same question we'd ask someone else who was headed in the direction that we are! But just in case it's a question that you've wondered I thought I'd answer it. When I was in ______(where we're moving) last year I asked a lot of questions. I spoke with other mothers who have raised or are raising their kids there. The responses I got were along this line:
-Even though we'll be in a prostitution district it does not make our kids a target since it is only for locals (no foreigner would go there). In fact, their skin color is really a protection.
-Follow basic safety rules like the kids don't go anywhere alone and are not out and about after dark.
-Their kids have done well!

We know that we are meant to do this and firmly believe that when a family is called to do something that there is a plan for the whole family in it. We've been thinking individually specifically about the country we're going to for years. About six months after the kids and I had moved to the States from Fiji, I felt strongly that the girls needed to be back overseas before they left home. That it was important for them personally in the people that they were to become. Even while we were in the States the girls really had a heart for the poor and although they adapted well there, they truly are 'international' on the inside. We are tremendously blessed to feel called as a family.

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