Monday, March 16, 2009


We just got back from a great long weekend in Rotorua. Steve spoke to a student body on Wednesday several hours south of here so we went on to Rotorua where we had to be on Sunday instead of driving back here and then back down again. We had a great time doing things like watching sheep shearing, a sheepdog exhibition, riding The Luge (downhill go carts), and seeing the bubbling mud pits and steam that put Rotorua on the tourist trail...and also make it smell interesting!

While the kids were sitting in some hot pools a few days ago we noticed Adam deep in conversation with an older German tourist. I asked him later what they were talking about and he replied, "Oh, you know stuff like where I'm from and how long I'll be here. Oh, and I told her about the prostitutes." Hum, not something you would hear from most six year-old mouths!!!

I can't really criticize what did or didn't come out of his mouth, though. When we were having our garage sale in Phoenix someone was asking why we were selling everything in the house. Without thinking the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "We're moving to _____ to work in a red light district." The look on the lady's face was priceless!!! Hum, Steve probably has his script down but maybe the kids and I should work on one!

It was great to meet Steve's sister Vera when we stopped by her work as we went through her town on the way home today. Hopefully we'll get to have a longer visit soon. Only two more of his siblings to go!

The boys cuddle sheep dogs in Rotorua

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