Monday, September 14, 2009


As our time in NZ is drawing to a close I've been thinking about the people we've met and experiences we've had. First of all I've got to say that we think New Zealand and it's people are awesome! I've had lots of Kiwi friends over the years and there was one particular Kiwi I was impressed with enough to marry(!), but as a general people group they're pretty great as well.

I just learned that 'DIY' is a common enough Kiwi phrase to be abbreviated. It stands for 'do it yourself' and pretty much sums up the Kiwi mindset about life. Don't ask for outside help to do the job, don't wast time complaining about it, and definitely don't pay someone else to do it as a matter of pride unless you've given it a go at least once yourself first.

Kiwi's are very down to earth and fun, too. Where else will you have a salesgirl be merciless in teasing you that she thinks you're cheap when you're buying a gift? Or have a guy on a work crew tell you there's an extra shovel available when you walk past and say 'gidday' (good day). I watched these things happen to Steve, though. People tend to look me over more first before they attack with my different accent!

We have lots of meals coming up with people as we begin our farewells. Steve flys to Fiji on Saturday to lead one last team for two weeks. When he gets back there are only 19 days until we fly out!!!

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