Friday, September 18, 2009

Steve flies to Fiji tomorrow to lead one last team. The end of an era in Fiji for him! But there will be many more in our new location, I'm sure!!! In fact, his brother's bringing a group from the States only a couple of weeks after we arrive. And I'll finally get to meet this last sibling!

Next week while he's away I'll start doing our 'pre-packing'. Anyone who's made major moves will understand this! Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with a friend who's spent time working in the family business overseas before. It was fun to talk to someone who totally understood my packing phobia, my reoccurring nightmares of not being able to find a usable toilet, and how my biggest stress in a new place is figuring out how to feed my family!

We had a few lovely dinners this week with friends as well. At one we showed them the video of the business we're going to work for. It was good to be reminded that all of the changes and extra stresses in our near future are so worth it! The sacrifices seem quite small when we think of the story of Freedom that we're going to get to be part of!!!

P.S. The sale on the house in Fiji is supposed to be final on the 21st. So far so good!

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