Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snow Day!

The kids and I had an outstanding day yesterday! Some wonderful friends treated the kids to a day at Snow Planet, an indoor ski and snowboard run. None of the kids had been around snow for years and since Adam was only one the last time he obviously didn't remember it! None of them had ever skied.

The eldest son of the family we were with is a snowboard instructor at Snow Planet and his three younger brothers are pretty good as well, so our kids each had their own personal trainer to get started. They all had a fantastic time. The girls snowboarded for hours. The boys tried both snowboards and skis and hardly left the slope for the entire 7 hours that we were there!

Moaning and groaning from sore muscles is going on this morning!

The sale on our house in Fiji became final on Monday! Steve's been quite busy not only leading the team but slipping off to the lawyer for meetings about the process of getting the funds out of Fiji. He says the team is great and going very well.
The paperwork for our visas is nearly finished and ready to lodge when Steve returns!

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