Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everything works together.....!

What was an uncomfortable situation (see post below) to start with yesterday, has turned into good! First of all, relationship with the local police has always been a bit of a challenge. They used to downright harass the business. However, the interaction with the police yesterday was the best ever! A. is on committee with the police sergeant of our district and through her he has grown to respect the business and the motives of those who work there. But he still recommended that we speak to the local area council to make sure that they're happy with our remodeling procedures.

A council representative came by yesterday afternoon to look around and K went to a meeting with them this afternoon. They told us to get on with the project! The man who came yesterday was very impressed with some of the methods being used in the work that he'd never seen before and wanted to know how to do them.

So relationally in the district we're better off now than we were before the bricks fell yesterday and the mob came. And the team can get cracking on some of the more intense stuff again tomorrow!

Just want to add that even through the drama of the previous day we always were aware that Someone else was in control! Situations that we can't control on our own seem to heighten our awareness of that fact. People in our building were a bit nervous but no one was terrified. Two people there had been reading about Nehemiah rebuilding the walls that morning and the difficulties they encountered and immediately felt like it was reassurance that we were also just under attack. Everyone involved is rejoicing that it's clear now that it was allowed for the good!

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