Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's been a neat experience lately to have individuals and people here from our home countries. They've mostly come to work on the new/very old building. Now that we're old timers since we've been here all of three months (!) it's been a pleasure to watch the city leave it's mark on them.

One main by product has been a larger world view and a whole heap of perspective. We had a young lady for dinner last night who worked here for a couple of weeks and then did a tour of the rest of the country. She kind of debriefed at the table and it's clear that she'll go back home a person ready to serve way beyond her previous comfort zone. A few minutes ago a gentleman who is here on a team was making comments like, "I'm so grateful for my hard pallet back at the guesthouse because at least I won't be sleeping on the street tonight."

And then there's, Adam, our own little family philosopher. On the way home from school yesterday he said out of the blue, "Mom, there are lots of different things here. There are things that are beautiful. There are things that are sad. There are things that are disgusting!"

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