Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purple smurfs, Avatars--or our family and friends?

Today is called 'Holi' here. It's a day with religious roots somewhere back there but no one is too clear about the meaning today. Basically it's a chance to have a day off and to play! Playing takes on a new meaning, however, when the method involved is to first throw handfuls of brightly colored powder at someone and then squirt water over the person you've just 'played with'. Or an alternative method is to mix powder and water in your hand and toss the whole whammy at once. The outcome either way=very bright, very hard to wash off PAINT!

We've had quite a bit of deliberation in the past week as to how our family was going to respond to the day. We finally decided 'to each his/her own.' After all the paint is said to come off completely in a week or so. And we've only heard ONE report of blond hair taking three months to right itself....

Rachel's getting over being sick so that made up her mind for her. Steve and I weren't too keen to play actually, but Steve got his face and hands done up by K. when he went down to take the picture! Our other three? See if you can pick them out of the crowd! And, no, that's not an overexposed photo. They really are mostly a weird, bright purplie pink!!! It's much brighter than it looks in the photo. And they don't look too much better yet after a shower.

Experiencing the culture at it's best?! (They actually had a blast!)

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