Monday, April 19, 2010

A bit of slime.....

We're having problems with algae in our water pipes.

The water in the area comes on for a couple of hours morning and evening. We plug in a pump during those times that pumps the water to a tank in the roof so we have water all day. Clear plastic hoses run three stories up to the roof, across, and back down two stories to our kitchen and bathroom. It's temporary but it works!

But this algae is a problem. Our tank can be completely full but when clumps of algae come through it blocks up all of our taps, shower, toilet, washing machine, etc. There are days when we clean the filters on all of them numerous times!

Sometimes it's a noticeable amount and sometimes it's just a tiny bit, but even that tiny bit is enough to block the big source of water behind it.

Sometimes our lives are like blocked faucets/taps. We've got a huge Source behind us but there's a bit of unlovely slime blocking the connection and keeping the water from flowing through us. If we're wondering why we're not producing what we should, maybe it's time to check our connection with the Source!

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