Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today has been a sad day around FS. A former employee who went back into the trade on the streets was found murdered this morning. No one is sure but the word on the street is that it was a 'customer.'

This is sad on a number of levels. Firstly, that she was put in the position to be in the trade to start with. I don't know her particular story but it usually has to do with trafficking, abuse, or intense poverty. Secondly, that she never really became 'free.' There is the occasional woman who finds leaving her old life difficult. Fortunately that statistic at FS is fairly low but it happens.

We didn't know her but we know who she was. She used to stand on the main street near the flat we stayed in when we first arrived. She loved Adam and hugged him each time he passed.

She will probably remain just another statistic, not considered worth much by the authorities and not missed by too many for too long.

But He knows when each sparrow falls and I'm sure that His heart is sorrowful over this lost sheep as well.

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