Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Language Study

I should be doing language study. Does it count if I write about it instead?

It's coming along well, it really is! I know heaps more than when I started. I've got to remember that we've only seriously been at this for a few months. However, the more I know the more I realize how MUCH more I have to learn. Motivation can be hard sometimes when the 'end' is such a long ways ahead...out of sight...around a bend in the road...through a looong black tunnel...under a bridge...through a brick wall..............

Here are a few things I've learned about language study so far:

-There are lots of things that just can't be translated straight from English so you have to open your mind to not saying EXACTLY what you're looking for, a close enough meaning will have to do.

-You CAN become jealous of the progress of your much loved spouse when everyone points out (even strangers on the street) how much more fluidly they're speaking than you are.

-It's really hard.

-If you try to go to sleep thinking of how to say certain things you will be up half the night.

-Every word you've ever learned in any other language that has been asleep in your sub-conscious for years will suddenly float to the front of your brain blocking the free flow of the words in the language that you WANT to speak.

-Did I mention that it's hard?

-Ever left a situation where you walk away and think, "Oh man, I SHOULD have said _______________"? This happens multiple times a day, every day in language study!

-People laugh at you. A lot.

-You may have to resist the urge to hit your spouse when they go on and on about how 'fun' language study is.

-You will most likely become very animated with your hands to try to make up for your lack of verbal skills.

-Even though you're a mature adult with loads of experience under your belt you may find yourself figuratively wagging your tail like a puppy when someone compliments your language skills or accent.

-Lots of housework or writing of blogs may occur to avoid the hard work of study.

-When you say something that sounds like gibberish to your ears but understanding lights the eyes of the person your talking to........WOW, it's really, really COOL!

-An uncomprehending stare back because you've failed to communicate? Not so fun!

Bottom line: The people I desperately want to communicate with are worth all of this bother. So I need to not even try to see the road ahead, take it one day at a time, and just get on with it!

----------------I guess I'd better go study now!

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