Saturday, August 21, 2010

Men at Work

Someone who was just here on a visiting team took some fantastic photos and has given me permission to use them over time. (Thanks, Frin!) Here are a few:
Men doing manual labor jobs.
Laying some kind of cable?
I wonder if these are all workers or guys who just decided to jump in and lend a hand. You can be SURE that this amount of men weren't involved in tearing up the street before this!
The meat market which is the only place to find beef.
There are tables to butcher on and stuff hanging everywhere. I have a guy's phone number. I call and tell him what I want, quickly pay, grab my bags, and leave. All while trying to breathe as little as possible!
Yes, this is in the middle of the city with heavy traffic around!
These animals will wind up in a meat market by the next day.
Even though he's taking a rest this guy would work HARD!
We have seen amazing, heavy loads balanced on the back of these.
Don't let the monsoon slow you down!
My personal favorite.........
(No photo shopping involved! And this is without the trailer that the guy above has on his bike.)

Side note:
I've been helping with painting on our soon-to-be finished (!) flat. The other day I was up on a ladder painting when Steve brought some men to install a converter (Which will store up power so we can run a few fans, etc, when the power goes off. Notice that I didn't use the word 'if'!). Steve left to get something while I was openly stared at by these guys with too little personal space involved for my cultural tastes. What I was doing was highly unusual behavior for a women here. I thought, "I wonder how long they can stand just watching and not give me advice?" They didn't disappoint! About 20 seconds later they began informing me of spots they thought I hadn't done well, that I needed to thin the paint with water, etc, etc, etc!
(I actually didn't mind too much, though, because they weren't speaking in English----and I understood them! Very nice when that sometimes happens now.)

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