Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's Coming......

You've been asking for photos of the progress on our new home. It will still be at least a month before we can move in but it's come a looooong ways! The pictures are:

1. Just a reminder what our new bathroom and kitchen looked like when we got here----they were empty holes in the floor! This is now the new bathroom and the kitchen is on the floor above.

2. The shower where we're living now.

3. Shower in the new place! Yes, that's marble. Pretty isn't it? It's cheaper than wood is here!

4. Our current kitchen.

5. Progress on our new kitchen as of last night. Still a few things to be done and the walls need to be painted. Can't wait to cook here! The picture is taken from the living room which is only about the size of the kitchen, but the whole room together feels airy and spacious enough.

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