Monday, January 2, 2012


Family is wonderful!!!  We are in New Zealand now to settle Hannah in for college and have just spent a wonderful Christmas and New Years with Steve's family.  It's been so nice to catch up with people and meet some for the first time.  New Year's Eve was especially nice as all of Steve's siblings were together in the same room for the first time in something over 15 years!

                             The siblings

On the way to this event, we stopped by and met someone very special, Steve's aunt who I have never met before.  Auntie Joan is Steve's dad's sister and has been a widow with no children for the past 31 years.  While she is a very quiet person and expressed the fact that she is often lonely, she has put her state in life to good use.  She lives alone and quite simply on a small pension and gives away anything that she sees as excess.   And she sends 'upwards thoughts' all the time.  Her pr.ayer life is amazing.  

It's humbling to have people like her behind us!

We are now at Steve's sister's holiday home that she lets us make 'ours' while we're in NZ.  It was lovely to walk in yesterday and feel right at home!  Five minutes after that the kids ran up the hill to see friends who promptly invited us up for dinner as well.  

We'll be based here for several more weeks catching up with people and speaking different places on the weekends.  

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