Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Main Thing

We dropped Hannah off this afternoon at the home of the lovely people that she'll be living with in New Zealand. Yes, there were tears by all but it was time and she'll do well. We start the 2 day route back home early tomorrow morning.

Times like this make you really evaluate the 'main thing' as a parent. What do I want for Hannah?

While in NZ Aaron had a second seizure meaning that doctor's visits and tests were involved. He's on medication now that will hopefully prevent it from happening again. It wasn't as scary this time since we knew what was happening, but as I sat by his bedside before he regained consciousness and talked to my Father about it, I went on a bit of a mental journey.

What do I ask for? I wanted him better. But what if him being OK is really not OK and this was the start of something really difficult for him (we know NOW that it shouldn't be!). I wanted him here for me but if life became really difficult would I want him here for him? My mind went round and round.

I chiseled away until I got to the point. The bottom line was that I wanted Aaron to know my Father and know Him well. That's it. That's what I want for Hannah, too. That's it.

The rest is secondary!

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