Monday, April 29, 2013

Modern Day Samaritan

I love it when things that you've heard before become fresh and new.  Sometimes that's what it takes to challenge us, when the 'lights go on' in our head and in our hearts, and a great way for sparks to become motivation and motivation to become a flame.

This morning Steve shared thoughts with our family on the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).  He challenged us to think in current terms and that who we are to behave like the 'Samaritan' to is whoever is the most uncomfortable one for us to reach out to in love.  He suggested, for example, that since our family has become wired to see the needs of the poor, that relating to the homeless on the streets of South Asia might be more second nature to us than noticing the hurt and pain of the rich.  That we might walk right on by a rich man on the 'side of the road' because we'd think that he had the means to look after himself.

I've been pondering this today and wondering who some modern day 'neighbors' might be to others. Maybe it's:

-That neighbor who doesn't respect our space and is just too loud?
-The person who just rudely cut us off in traffic or bumped our cart in the grocery store?
-The homosexual couple down the street?
-The foreigner, probably of a different religion, who just doesn't seem to understand the way we do things in 'our' country?
-The rebellious teen with the, "Get out of my way!" attitude?
-The friend who has hurt us?
-Or just that person who just drives you absolutely crazy?  The one who you without thinking say, "I hate (insert name)," about?

Who is YOUR 'neighbor' and who might you be being asked to show the love of Christ to today?  Or will you walk on by........?

And then what did the Samaritan do?  He had compassion. He ministered to him through his own time, effort, resources, and energy.  He thought past the initial crisis towards the future.  He took responsibility for the hurting stranger on the road.