Saturday, April 20, 2013

You're more beautiful than you think.

There's a video that's gone viral on the internet this week that is definitely worth looking at!  It's an amazing example of how we are so much more critical of ourselves than the people around us are.  It shows how we buy into lies whispered into our hearts about ourselves, how we particularly as women see ourselves as less valuable, desirable, and beautiful than we really are.

I've always had a pretty good self-image over all.  My parents and key others around me have always made me feel special and loved.  But as I've gotten older (wonder if I'm actually considered middle aged yet?) and especially when my metabolism changed and I started putting on weight for the first time in my life, there have been plenty of times when I've been overly critical of what's in the mirror. There have even been times of hints of self-hatred.

This is NOT good!  I found, like it's mentioned in the video, that it began to affect relationships around me.  Isn't that weird? Me feeling bad about me reflected off of me and made things worse for those who love me?

A few years back a lady showed up on a team at FS that I found myself really admiring.  She was just beautiful and I enjoyed being around her.  Since I couldn't remember all of the names in her group I thought of her as, "That really cute lady."

A couple of days later I realized something.  When I picked her features apart she was really pretty average. She was near my age, a little chubby, and not supermodel material at all.  But the essence of who she was that radiated out of her was just stunning.  THAT'S what people saw.

It taught me a lot about what I truly wanted to be.  As my mom has always said, "Beautiful from the inside out."

Lately I've been learning to identify lies that I believe that govern the way I act, think, and live; so right away this video made me think about lies that we believe.  And where lies come from.  Do we believe the Father of Lies or the Creator of Life when we consider ourselves?  One wants to destroy us and our effectiveness as a light to the world around, and One wants to give us life to the fullest.  One planned us in our mother's womb and calls us 'fearfully and wonderfully made!'

So if you haven't seen the video-----watch it!  If you have, watch it again and be reminded that you are beautiful from the inside out.  That there is only one and only YOU.......!

And let your light shine!!!

(If the video below doesn't show up on your media device click here for link:  Dove Real Beauty Sketches )