Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What it's like....

Well, I lied.  I meant to come back and start a series next, but a friend put up a blog post that I want to share.  It's an excellent expression of what it's like for women and the thought processes you are forced to go through in 'our' part of the city that we've been living in. It's by a friend in a much loved, sister business to FS. 

It's something the females in our family have faced to some extent, and we haven't enjoyed it.  But it's the life-long reality of women that we love there.  While not pleasant, it's given us a small glimpse of understanding into their lives.  And it's ALL of their lives. Not just when they choose to be there like us.  

Don't read if you're easily offended--but it's reality and it will challenge you.

My favorite part of the blog:

"It is not just my experience. It is my community’s. It is an entire population’s. And I am aching to know how to bring change to it."

Click the link below to read:

Beth's Blog