Monday, March 1, 2010

Crows, crows, and more crows!

A crow left me a little gift right on the top of my head again tonight. I'm starting to think that from above my red head looks like a target in a crowd! Crows are everywhere here. Literally hundreds on any given block. They are big, loud, ugly, and a little like flying rats.

There's one crow that is giving me a new perspective on his species, however. In fact, I've found myself going out of my way to watch him. He's probably not unusual, but he's giving me a cameo glimpse into a different side of these creatures.

There's a large mango tree right outside the window of what will be our living room eventually. And there's a nest in view from that perch that's not available from below. A mother crow and three or four little blue eggs rest in it. The crow that impresses me, however, is the male who is an excellent example of the word 'devotion.' He is absolutely vigilant and aggressive in his efforts to protect the nest and his mate. He's is on guard every time I see him, his head turning and his black eyes constantly scanning the area. He goes to battle with other crows who come too near at the drop of a hat (or flap of a wing?) and will even fly up and sit within arms reach from where I stand to watch him if he sees me as a threat, fluffing his feathers and cawing a warning. He only leaves his post briefly to quickly provide some food to his mate's waiting beak. It's a heart warming display.

How often, I wonder, do I pass by other things thinking they're unattractive, not useful, or not worthy of notice, and miss the beauty that their Creator put there just beneath the surface? And what a wonderful mental picture of how He watches over His creation!

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